Shropshire’s Ecorend External Rendering Specialists


At Mark Jones Plastering Ltd our team have over 20 years’ experience in the application of external renders and textured coatings, and specialise in Ecorend applications.

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to help homeowners, developers, and retail/commercial businesses choose the best finish for their buildings – regardless of its age or condition.

We are renowned for our high quality workmanship, attention to detail, and professional approach.


Our External Render Finishes


We are specialists in the application of through coloured render systems and are also Shropshire’s recommended contractors for many of these systems. These include:

  • K-REND




To ensure that our customers get the best external render finish possible, we have recently invested in the industry renowned M-TEC M200 Mixer/Applicator. This enables us to mix and spray render direct onto masonry in a controlled and consistent process, resulting in a flawless external render finish.

External Render FAQs


What is Through Coloured Render?

Through coloured render (or coloured render) is a range of exterior coating render products available for use on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings.

The render products are pre- mixed with a colour pigment during the manufacturing process. This means that the render material is coloured throughout, rather than a colour applied as a top coat as with traditional render.


What are the benefits of through coloured render?

Through coloured renders have two main benefits over traditional render:

Low Maintenance – through coloured renders do not need to be re-painted every few years as the colour pigment exists throughout the product.

Durable – many through coloured renders are designed to be waterproof, algae-resistant, and allow a property to breathe which reduces the risk of damp.